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Having guests? Going out? Instant fun is guaranteed with Scrollino Party! Try these four different games with friends. Best entertainment for long car trips for the little ones or while waiting for dinner to be serve!

Suitable for age 8 to 108! 


Material: Organic, 100% Compostable


Length: 2.3 yards / 2.16 meters


Contains: 1 pencil


How it works


1. Insert the pencil and turn


Double Scrollino has a dual-rewinding system (Scroller), a Scrollino box with a “viewing screen,” and a paper roll printed with stories or illustrations. To start enjoying this Scrollino, insert a pencil in the top scroller and turn it clockwise to start playing. Continue turning the pencil once you have completed each game.


2. Discover the Scrollino


Define the game master before starting each game. The game master will read the instructions and ask the players to imagine words or actions to start each game. If you feel like playing some more, rewind the Scrollino to the top, erase your writings and start again. The combinations are endless, so you can easily keep your party going! 


3. Rewind with a pencil 


Once the party is over, insert the pencil to the bottom Scroller and turn anti-clockwise to rewind. Each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil. The Scroller works with most standard pens and pencils (hexagonal, rounded, triangular, etc.). so you can keep scrolling everywhere.