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Rylee & Cru

Kelli Murray is a jack of all creative trades. On top of being a blogger, illustrator, stylist and graphic designer, she is also a mum of three to Rylee, Cru – whom the brand is named after – and Quincy Mae, her third born and the moniker of her new baby range. Her little ones are an unending source of inspiration and have allowed her to fulfil her dream of creating her own kids' fashion and baby fashion collection. 

In 2014, the first Rylee + Cru collection came to life. The brand’s collections are made up of hand-dyed clothes, illustrated with her own drawings. From sweet playsuits and dresses to cosy leggings, T-shirts and blouses, Rylee + Cru clothes are soft and comfortable, making them go-to pieces for children’s wardrobes.