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All around an old oak tree, baby animals are being put to bed in this sweet reimagining of a classic nursery rhyme.

Rock-a-bye Squirrel, high in the tree, in Mommy’s arms, cosy as can be.

The familiar lullaby takes in a new life in Jane Cabrera’s cosy rendition. In the branches and beneath the roots, tucked into nooks and nest, different animals, large and small, are getting ready for bed. The baby bat nestles with its mother, the bunny burrows in safe and warm – even a cheerful, fuzzy spider settles on its sparkling web. At the end, a human father and his baby watch the tree from a distance, joining in on the sleepy song.

With clever new lyrics and bright, sweet illustrations of all kinds of animals, this is an irresistible addition to Jane Cabrera’s library of refreshed nursery rhymes… and perfect to share with little ones you love.