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Mrs Ertha


S$ 59.00

These cute musical nightlights are perfect to soothe your baby before bedtime. Soft, bright, with pleasant music, they are perfect for children's rooms. These Night Buggies are made of organic cotton with a selection of excellent fabrics for the little ones. A light internal has three tonal variations (white, beige and warm) and different intensities. The Night Buggies have inside a mechanical music box, handmade by artisans by just pulling the string to play the melody. Each design comes with a different melody.

Comes in 4 different designs (star, heart, moon, and rainbow).

Rechargeable with the USB cable (charging time 2 hours - running time 8 hours).


Star – “You're my sunshine”

Moon – “Fly me to the moon”

Heart – “Endless love”

Rainbow – “Somewhere over the rainbow”

Dimensions: 20 cm

Designed in Portugal

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