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S$ 28.90

Say goodbye to uneven, raised, bumpy, dry skin and even to cellulite

Award Winning Glov Skin Smoothing Body Massage promises to firm your skin and reduce cellulite. The research confirmed to improve skin condition by 66% and reduce cellulite by 27% after 3 weeks of regular use. Tight, toned skin with a reduced "orange peel" and divine glow is your new outfit of the day!

Made up of natural bamboo fibres, it helps smooth the skin and stimulate blood flow. 

Reusable up to 3 to 6 months.

Use on its own or enhance the effects with your favourite scrub or gel. 

A perfect gift for all women and mothers who deserve all the love and self-care.

Designed in Paris 

Made in Poland

How to use: 

Use it with water or your favourite shower gel! Massage body towards the heart - from ankles to knees, knees to stomach. Just 30 circular movements a day helps improve your skin’s condition noticeably within a month.