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Roarr!! This beautiful Triceratops from Hungary are lovingly handcrafted and painted to help develop motor skills, spatial awareness and problem solving. Puzzle play aids in developing the little one’s cognitive thinking. This puzzle have rounded edges so children can stack, sort and build with these vibrant and sturdy pieces with their creative imagination. This adorable Triceratops puzzle can be play in small world play and creative building!

At Fauna toys, they consider it important that a children’s play to incorporate both fun and aids in honing skills development in them. This is also why they gave a lot of attention to the following aspects when creating their products:

  • Using cheerful pop colours to create a world of creative shapes in their toys
  • Helps develop fine motor skills where the joy of learning and play are inter-connected
  • All their products and toys are painted with non toxic elements and comply with all Hungarian and international safety regulations. Compliance is verified by MEEl, TÜV Rheinland and KERMl as seen by the symbol on their packaging.

Dimensions: 23cm by 12cm