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The air cot seat extender is perfect for young children seeking some extra comfort while traveling. It acts like a hammock, allowing them to stretch their legs and relax. Content kiddos make happy moms and dads!

The air cot is no longer just for air travel! If you take road trips, we have you covered! If you’ve ever taken a long car trip with kids in tow you know it doesn't take long before they get uncomfortable. Being stuck in the same position for hours makes for achy legs and squirmy, unhappy kids. The car cot lets them prop up their feet, providing relief for their little legs.


Keep your child’s toys and treasures off the car floor and easily accessible from the front seat. No more searching around for fallen toys and sippy cups from the front seat. The car cot catches these items and keeps them within arm’s reach.

  • Air Cot: Made of Ottertex waterproof canvas (100% polyester), nylon webbing and heavy-duty plastic buckle
  • Air Cot: Dimensions: (when open): 28" x 17" (71cm x 43cm), (when stored): 9" x 2.5" (22.8cm x 6.3cm)
  • Air Cot: Weight: 6 oz (170g)
  • Car Cot Adapter: Made of 3 mm Nylon paracord, two metal S-hooks and high-quality plastic cord lock
  • Car Cot Adapter: Length: 23"


The Air Cot is intended for use as a seat extender/footrest only, not to support the full weight of a child. Always supervise your child when product is in use. Do note that Aircot may not be accepted on certain flight, do check with the respective airline you are flying on to avoid disappointment.