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S$ 25.42

The all-natural zinc formula creates a moisture-locking barrier to reflect rays and help prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Made with just 9 ingredients, The Kind Sunscreen is a clean, hard-working addition to any skincare routine.

  • Safe & Kind for everyone — babies, breastfeeding mums and those with allergies or sensitive skin
  • Kind to the environment — chemical free to avoid bleaching of our coral reefs and damaging our underwater ecosystems

The Kind Sunscreen is broad spectrum, SPF 30, vegan friendly and made in Australia.

Combining the healing properties of nature with the latest in sunscreen science, The Kind Sunscreen is your must-have pocket sun protection.

This sunscreen is reef & ocean friendly, cruelty free & vegan. 

Tubes are manufactured from existing excess plastic and are recyclable - so that it can be reused again. 

Carton is constructed from 100% recycled card. 

This product is created to be Kind in every way!

Available in 50ml and 200ml