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Game rules are simple: go through the maze, collect all the things you need to decorate the Christmas tree and make the nice winter atmosphere at home to spend the most amazing Christmas. Experience the Scrollino concept in the endless-like labyrinth game over 2 meters (2 yards) long. Wind your way through the maze every day until Christmas! Best entertainment for long car trips for the little ones or while waiting for dinner to be serve!

Material: Organic, 100% Compostable

Length: 2.2 yards / 2.02 meters

Contains: 1 pencil

How it works

1. Insert the pencil and turn

Double Scrollino has a dual-rewinding system (Scroller), a Scrollino box with a “viewing screen,” and a paper roll printed with stories or illustrations. To start enjoying this Scrollino, insert a pencil in the top scroller and turn it clockwise to start playing. Continue turning the pencil to complete your journey through the maze.

2. Discover the Scrollino

You can experience a truly unique way of playing thanks to the innovative Scrollino concept and design. In the Scrollino Amazing Christmas make your way through the labyrinth and collect all the things you need to make the nice winter atmosphere. Look out – it’s not as easy as it first appears!

3. Rewind with a pencil

Did you go all the way to the end? Now, insert the pencil to the bottom Scroller and turn anti-clockwise to rewind. Rewind and start over. Each Scrollino comes with a wooden pencil. The Scroller works with most standard pens and pencils (hexagonal, rounded, triangular, etc.). If you don’t have any handy, check your kitchen drawers or toolbox!