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Looking for a new way to occupy the kids? Or maybe you enjoy coloring, and find it relaxing? Are you ready to try the new revolution in coloring? Check out Scrollino Coloring and color in 1.5 yards worth of fun times. Best entertainment for long car trips for the little ones or while waiting for dinner to be serve!

Material: Organic, 100% Compostable

Length: 1.5 yards / 1.4 meters

Contains: 6 colour pencils

How it works:

1. Pull on the Tab

Scrollino consists of a unique rewinding mechanism (The Scroller), a Scrollino box, and a paper roll to unwind at your own pace. To open the Scrollino simply pull on the tab (Paper Lip) to reveal the activities. The Paper Lip not only protects the paper roll, it also serves to prevent the paper from disappearing once you rewind your Scrollino.

2. Colour your own Scrollino

Try out the Scrollino Coloring with beautiful and fun illustrations to color and draw on. Scrollino Coloring keeps all the pencils organized and gives everyone a new coloring format to enjoy. Unroll it all and let your imagination stretch farther than ever before!

3. Rewind with a pencil

Now, turn the pencil clockwise to rewind. Want to keep coloring? No problem! The paper roll is very easy to replace with our refill rolls. That way, you can keep on drawing and coloring and letting your imagination run wild.

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