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There is a small country in the heart of Europe that is rich in tales. Eperfa’s toys tell you stories about this country, Hungary. With their toys, you can visit the capital, Budapest, surrounded by forests and hills, and the enormous and friendly lake, Balaton. They invite you to the woods around Budapest to learn about the trees and animals that call them home. 

Did you know that fireflies light up in the night to find each other? Charge your beetle in daylight and you can use it as a little torch at night, so all your loved ones will find you. 

Recommended age: 3+

Colours available: Dark Blue, Green, Aquamarine

Dimensions: 12cm x 4cm approx

Material: hornbeam wood, responsible forestry from Duna-Ipoly National Park of Hungary

Handcrafted in Hungary, EU

wooden toys glow in the dark firefly beetle eco-friendly torch light