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Jo Collier


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Introducing Jo Collier brand new “Around the World Phonics and Sounds” Flashcards. A pack of 34 cards, 26 phonetically correct alphabet cards and a mixture of 8 sound blends and diagraphs cards. They are designed to focus on the sound of the letter and how it is used. Along with realistic original paintings on the front they have signature fun facts and an additional alliteration sentence on the back. For example “The amazing astronaut always ate an apple before an adventure.” This helps to emphasise the sound pf the letter on each card. Jo Collier have gathered and illustrated some favourites from all around the world that would spark that love of learning in everyone that sees them.

The cards are printed Australia 350gsm card stock with a matt laminate finish, to help with those sticky fingers and come in a calico drawstring bag. These are a learning tool and not suitable for chewing. Young children must be supervised with them.

Please note any props, picture frames and decorations are not included with the print. Please be aware that colours may vary computer screens and prints.

Designed in Australia