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A Stone Sat Still tells the story of a seemingly ordinary rock – but to the animals that use it, it is a resting place, a kitchen, a safe haven…even an entire world.


This is a gorgeous exploration of perspective, perception, and the passage of time, with an underlying environmental message that is timely and poignant.

  • Filled with stunning illustrations in cut paper, pencil, collage and paint
  • Soothing rhythms invite reading aloud and bedtime snuggles
  • Introduces concepts like color, size, function, and time in a way that is easily understandable and teachable for children

 With a rhythmic, calming narrative about the stone and its place in the worlds – and the changing environment – A Stone Sat Still proves Brendan Wenzel’s mastery of the picture book form.


This modern children’s classic will enchant readers in preschool and kindergarten, as well as the adults that read with them.